About Us

Zhejiang Jinle Transformer Co., Ltd. is located in the electrical capital of China, close to National Highway 104, close to the railway station, Wenzhou 10,000-ton wharf, and close to the national scenic spot-Yandang Mountain, with a beautiful environment and convenient transportation.

The company has many years of experience in the production of transformer series products. With the continuous improvement of product quality and brand awareness, and the continuous update of market demand, the company pays great attention to the introduction of production facilities and technological transformation, and hires professional and experienced engineers and technicians , Produce and develop high-level transformer series products in strict accordance with the international quality standard system. Now we have produced power transformers, explosion-proof transformers, coal-electric drill integrated device transformers, special control transformers for electric welding machines, machine tool control transformers, three-phase dry transformers, and running lights There are many varieties of lighting transformers, autotransformers, rectifier transformers, etc. The product quality is reliable and has been widely praised by many users.

With the further development of the world's electric power industry, the company adheres to the development concept of "professionalism, innovation, and enterprising", takes "science and technology, creation, environmental protection, and safety" as its core goals, and is committed to the growth and development of national industries, thereby moving towards quality, A bright and efficient tomorrow.